Fascinating + meaningful classes

American Studies courses are often those that have a profound impact on your worldview, introducing you to new ways of thinking about cultural identity, race and ethnicity, and the possibilities of engaged citizenship. Whether you are pursuing a major or minor in American Studies, or simply want to learn more about a subject that intrigues you, these courses promise to be engaging and memorable. They also help you prepare for the array of opportunities that await after graduation.

AMST-A399: Inside Out was definitely one of my favorite classes. We spent every Friday morning in the Indiana Women’s Prison studying and discussing the prison system and the history of criminalization with a class of IU students and women who were incarcerated at IWP. We made incredible friendships all while challenging norms and developing podcasts and zines about problems with the carceral system. It had a huge impact on my formation as a friend, a scholar, and an activist.

Caroline (Caro) Oates, double major in American Studies and Spanish with a Linguistics minor and LAMP certificate