Study Abroad

We encourage study abroad

It can be life-changing to study abroad and to come into direct contact with other cultures. Our conception of American Studies as transnational, global, and comparative coincides with the value of overseas study.

American Studies students are encouraged to expand the horizons of their research, learn new languages and interpretive paradigms, and re-conceptualize the static borders of the nation-state. We know that carefully conceived American Studies study abroad options are filled with possibility, offering exposure to new ways of understanding the world.

Find overseas studies opportunities

We strongly recommend that all of our students work with the Office of Overseas Studies to identify opportunities that can count towards their degree. When going abroad, it is possible to earn credit in American Studies, including, potentially, foreign language credit. Some of our faculty lead or accompany overseas learning experiences and can offer advice about your options.

For details about available opportunities, visit the Office of Overseas Study. One of the oldest resources of its kind in the country, it is a recognized leader in providing innovative, academically sound, and internationally oriented experiences for student learning. The counselors there can help you investigate long-term options (a year or a semester) and shorter options (a few weeks in the summer, or over spring break).

For details about credit in American Studies, including foreign language credit, contact the director of undergraduate studies or the American Studies academic advisor.

Visit the Overseas Studies website