Academic support each step of the way

Whether you are curious about American Studies or ready to pursue one of our undergraduate degree programs, our undergraduate advisor is available to provide support and answer your questions. Our advisor can help you:

  • Declare a major or minor in American Studies
  • Identify your academic and career goals
  • Develop an academic plan to build the skills and knowledge necessary to reach your goals
  • Select and enroll in classes appropriate for your plan
  • Understand academic policies and procedures
  • Learn to use the academic tools available to you, such as the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin, the degree map for your major, and your Academic Advisement Report, and complementary tools like the B.A. Degree Planning Worksheet.
  • Connect with academic support services
  • Integrate co-curricular opportunities such as internships, study abroad, student organizations, and undergraduate research into your plan

Try to meet with your academic advisor at least once each semester to review your academic plan and identify your course options for the next semester.

We encourage you to keep in touch with your academic advisor throughout the year. Work closely with your advisor to learn how to navigate the university, stay on track to complete your degree, and develop the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary for long-term success after graduation.